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Proud to serve Winter Park and the surrounding Central Florida area for over 65 years, Miller's Hardware has forged a lasting community bond that has spanned generation after generation. Known as the "Woman's Hardware since 1945" - Miller's would initially take shape as a Ben Franklin Five & Dime store in the early 1940's on Park Avenue in Winter Park, FL. Shortly thereafter, owner & founder Robert R. Miller would purchase a small 50 by 50 foot building on Fairbanks Avenue that would eventually take form as the "Miller's Hardware" we know today.

Alongside his son Robert A. Miller and co-owner Cliff Canada, Robert R. Miller would help mold the all-everything store into a blossoming neighborhood hardware haven that would withstand the tests of time for years to come. Taking sole ownership of the store in 1984, Robert R. Miller would enlist the services of his then CPA son Steve, to help carry on the family hardware legacy. Like his father before him, Robert R. Miller would eventually pass the ownership torch to his son during the mid 1990's, where Steve has held the title of Owner ever since.

With a vast assortment of expansions and changes throughout the years, Miller's Hardware has been a Winter Park fixture for more than a half century. Just like the days of yesteryear, Steve Miller has been fortunate to work aside his very own children, as Stevie, Clay, and Krista have all put their stamps onto the growing "Miller's Brand" over the past decade.

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